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Pony-play is sometimes referred to as “The Aristotelian Perversion,” in reference to legend that Aristotle had a penchant for being ridden like a horse. Ponies (people involved in pony-play) generally divide themselves to three groups although some will participate in two or perhaps all three:

* Cart ponies: ponies who pull a sulky with their owner.
* Riding ponies: ponies who are ridden, either on all fours or on two legs, with the “rider” on the shoulders of the “pony” (also known as Shoulder riding). Note that a human back is generally not harsh enough to take the weight of another adult without risk of injury, so four-legged “riding” is generally symbolic, with the “rider” taking most of their weight on their own legs.
* Show ponies: ponies who show off their dressage skills and often wear elaborate harnessess, plumes and so on.

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Amateur Pony Girls

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Devulge yourself in exciting high quality ponygirl stories, art work of those kinky pony girls you love and watch the wonderfully rude bondage and training pony girl movies. Its all exactly as naughty as it should be and these trainee ponygirls get exactly the discipline, restrained pony bondage and spanking they deserve, crave and long for.

Some featured ponygirls are bondage models with a desire to try out this naughty niche and others are real life amateur ponygirl, who has submitted their material, photos or videos to us for exposure of their advances. If you yourself are a pony girl or indeed an owner of a ponygirl, we are very happy to hear from you too and feature your photographs. The same goes for skilled and creative ponygirl artists, writers and authors of ponygirl stories, features and guides. Get in touch or post your comments here at the pony girl farm. All emails with samples, stories, photos or movies gets a jolly reply from the stablemaster.

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Ponyplay Movie: Born in a barn

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Born In A Barn

A specialised and high quality film recommended for all ponyplay fans – the producers website Three Grace Films has alot more info, photos and a free trailer from Born in A barn … and if you like it as much as us, you can buy yourself a full legal copy right there on the site for just 15usd including postage. Its a steal !

Synopsis of Born In A Barn

An intimate and occasionally humorous look into the extraordinary erotic lives of four seemingly ordinary people, BORN IN A BARN takes us deep into the world of ponyplay, a fetish in which enthusiasts role-play as human ponies and handlers. Revealing the complex motives that drive each character to pursue this unusual passion and following them as they each confront the questions that being an erotic equine present, BORN IN A BARN is a film about finding an identity in the pursuit of an unconventional desire.

BORN IN A BARN was partially funded by The Jerome Foundation and The New York State Council on the Arts and fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts and Women make Movies. It showed at the 2002 IFP as a Documentary Work-In-Progress.

Editors Notes

I first found out about ponyplay through – where else? – the Internet. As a visual artist who had been exhibiting a half-woman / half-pig character called Piglady, I was curious to see other examples of animal-human hybrids, and it didn’t take too much poking around online to come across the ponypeople. I was astonished! A whole subculture whose main hobby was dressing up like and role-playing as horses…even to my fairly well exposed and open mind, this was new. But this curious and often humorous manifestation of an animal-human hybrid piqued my ongoing documentary interest in how and why people find an identity in the pursuit of an unconventional desire. I wondered why do people do this? and decided to look into this unusual fetish.

Historically, counterposing humans and animals has allowed philosophers and artists to explore ideas about nature, sexuality, and socialization. But what does it mean when that self/other paradigm is compressed into a single subject that is both animal and human – when the human becomes the animal? And in a culture where the model for human erotic expression is more akin to a cyborg than to a beast, what benefit might someone find in role-playing as a horse? I was curious to find out how this fetish might allow its enthusiasts to connect with both the opposite of what it is to be human and the quintessence of what it is to be human. I wanted to find out what the feelings and motivations behind the behavior were.

It took some time to find characters who would let me film them. Although erotic – and often even kinky – imagery is everywhere in our culture, the truth is that for most people being candid about a serious fetish can negatively impact their standing in their community or threaten the perception that they are good citizens and/or parents. It was important for me not to fetishize the fetish itself by focusing on the “what” to the exclusion of the “why”. And while no amount of explaining could clarify the state of mind called “ponyspace” without showing what that is like for each character, I felt it was important for the film to move beyond voyeurism to allow the characters to ruminate on their experience. I wanted to humanize a complex subject and make a documentary that would surprise non-pony play people and allow them to connect personally to the characters rather than watching them at a distance as fascinating weirdos.

It was never my intent to make an all-inclusive film about this fetish. Rather, BORN IN A BARN is meant to spark a dialogue about identity, social release and mindstate, the need for affection and structure, and the erotic as a creative impulse. In the end, I see BORN IN A BARN as a movie about the remarkable ability of people to find beauty and acceptance in the most unlikely and intimate of personal expressions.

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The History Of Pony Girls

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The origins of animal roleplay and petplay are probably various and diverse, again depending upon the participants involved. However, its origins are certainly influenced by costuming, fiction, myth and legend, roleplay and psychodrama in their various aspects. The first commercial manifestation of this kinky was created by Simon Benson the founder of the website.
[edit] Cultural and ritual use

Non-sexual animal roleplay, or therianthropy, was a common and integral part of ritual in many tribal cultures both in recent and likely prehistoric times, where a member (or members) of the tribe would take the role physically and often spiritually, of an animal that was either revered, or hunted. Examples of the former include many of the American Indian tribes and Arctic native peoples, examples are evidenced by cave paintings. In 1911 Julia Tuell photographed the last Animal Dance (“Massaum”) performed by the Northern Cheyenne of Montana.

It is also sometimes used in education, especially physical education, as an enjoyable way to encourage people to exercise the body in unusual ways, by mimicking various animals.
[edit] Delicious use
A cart pony pulling a sulky with her owner at San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair, the world’s largest leather and kink festival.

Like much of hot play and roleplay, animal roleplay in an delicious or relational context is entirely defined by the people involved and by their mood and interests at the time of play. It ranges from the simple imitation of a vocal whinnying of a horse to the barking, panting or playful nudging of a puppy, or playful behaviour of a kitten, to crawling around on all fours and being fed, or petted, by hand. (In the latter instance, its motives may be similar to those of ageplay, i.e. taking on a role that one feels spiritually appropriate or which allows for nurturing, and a change from usual roles in everyday life). To the greater extremes of dressing up as a pony in modified horse tack, masks, prosthetics and temporary confinement based body modification (such as binding the forearms to the upperarms and/or the calves to the thighs).

Public participation in human animal roleplay is varied. A couple could inconspicuously role-play a silly but loving pet play scene in public, but it would look like one partner is merely stroking the other’s neck innocently to the casual observer. In the case of many convention-going furries and some Bdsm fetishists, one partner may wear a dog choker with a leash attached.

The reasons for playing such a character or animal can vary as much as the actual physical manifestations and intensity of the play. Some people enjoy being able to “cut loose” into a different, or more dynamic personality (e.g., Were-creatures or Catgirls; see other variations). In some cases, pet play is seen as a loving, quiet cuddling time where there is no need for verbalizations and the simple act of stroking, rubbing and holding the other partner is satisfying or reassuring in and of itself for those involved. For others, there may be a spiritual side to it. Some feel closer to their animal totem, while others may identify with something akin to a deeper side or part of their own psyche (see: Therianthropy). For still others, there is the experience of power exchange setup in a context or structure which they can accept. Clearly, again, it depends on the people involved and what they bring to it or take from it.

Additionally, some cases could be considered a type of animal transformation fantasy. They can have stark elements of exhibitionism, be totally enjoyed in the privacy of the home, or lie somewhere between either boundary. While not widespread, delicious human-animal roleplay is still enjoyed by a sizable number of people. However, it is still primarily identified with S&M practice, or as being associated with furry or other alternative lifestyle activities.

For a majority of participants, it has no connection whatsoever with bestiality, which is controversial and would usually be considered edgeplay in Sadomaso circles.

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Ponygirl Roleplay

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Animal roleplay may be either a non-sexual or an cute sexual role-play (when it may also be called petplay, ponyplay, ponyism, kittenplay, or pup-play). In its erotic sexual role-play form, one or more of the participants takes on the role of a real or imaginary animal in character, including appropriate mannerisms and behavior, and sometimes a partner will act as another animal, or, in a sexual context, may take the role of rider, trainer, or caretaker (or even breeding partner).

The principal theme of animal roleplay is usually the voluntary transformation of a human being to animal status, and focus on the altered mind-space created. The most common examples are probably canids (pup, dog, wolf), felines (cat, kitten, lion) or equines (pony, horse). Animal roleplay is also used in a Bdsm context, where a person may be humiliated by being treated as an animal.

It is also commonly used with debutant children, who enjoy getting dressed up in animal costumes and enact perceived characteristics of an animal. It is also used in physical education especially with children, as an enjoyable way to encourage certain exercises. In psychodrama, animal roleplay may be used for a person to explore their personality, as a form of role reversal.

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Petgirls and Kittens

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Other types of S&M pup-play and human objectification or human animals.

Pup play or dog play is sometimes (though not always) associated with leather culture. at least one of the participants acts out canine mannerisms and behaviors, or simply imagines such behaviors or identities, and attempts to assume the mental state of a dog. Pup-play does not require any involvement with bestiality. The dominant role is taken by a “Handler,” “Trainer,” or a “Master.”

The painslut may be called a “pup,” a “dog,” a “stray,” or in the case of a more aggressive or dominant participant that still identifies as a dog, an “alpha.” In the pup-play community, biological canines are referred to as “canines,” to differentiate between them and human role players (the pup, dog, or alpha). Pup play is more about being a playful, goofy being on all fours who shows his/her Master their love and devotion. Instinct also plays a large role in pup play. This can also be taken in the context of master/slave relationship. The tormentor can have his slave collared and bound with chain indoors or outdoors naked. The slave would be asked to bark, kiss/lick the dom’s foot/shoe, eat like a dog and also try catch people and things nearby.

In kitten-play the person assumes the less serious role of a pet that keeps some independence and – as part of the fantasy – might retaliate against the partner trying to tame him or her. Kitten-play is less well known than pony or pup-play, although in recent years has been growing in popularity

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Pony Play

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Pony play often involves the practice and training that a horse owner or trainer would put their horse through to learn how to walk, canter, etc., as modified for human limbs. Puppy play often can involve Bdsm related discipline. Cow Play often involves fantasies of lactation and impregnation. The usual limits of safe, sane and consensual apply to roleplay as much as any other activity between humans who accept and respect their partner’s interests and limits. For most, this does not include bestiality.

Note: Just because one partner is playing the “pet” does not necessarily make them the passive or slave girl play partner in the scene. For example, if the form of pet play is for the meek and timid wife to “transform” into a werewolf or mischievous toon catgirl, she may take the upper hand and dominate the partner. Again, how the play is interpreted is entirely up to the people involved.

Some people believe that they have certain animal ‘instincts’ and through animal roleplay can let them out. This is especially true in the Sm communities, where some people ‘live’ as their chosen animal 24/7. This type of mentality goes beyond roleplay and becomes a full lifestyle for the parties involved. There are also ‘hybrids’. These are humans who live part time as one type of animal, and part time as another. This is usually determined by the situation.

There seems to be a growing trend among the S&M scene in animal roleplay, especially pup and kitten play. Playing the role of a pup or kitten is one of giving over complete control over to another, while the ‘Punisher or Handler’ expects only unconditional love and obedience from his/her animal.

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