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Best Shemale Cams

by on Aug.28, 2021, under Other Kinky BDSM

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Tranny Fetish Adventure

by on Apr.22, 2021, under Other Kinky BDSM

My Sexual Femdom Adventure with a Tranny Escort in Paris. I found her in an annonce BDSM where I picked my very favorite French SM goddess.

It was one of the horrible periods that I suppose happen in each and every male’s existence. I’d simply been published to this beautiful French city of Nantes, though my all time favorite city is Paris. I’d been actually anticipating living there though I had not anticipated only one thing. I just knew nobody there! I made absolutely no substantial friends in my very first 3 weeks there, but that which was truly killing me was I’d had no female. I craved domination. I yearned for the company of a TS femdom Paris. Luckily she was open to meet, dominate and teach me. Each male has going through times of loneliness. I’d going through mine in the town of Nantes. It was a work project and I was truly anticipating being in the gorgeous French city, though I did not understand just how lonely I will be. Even twelve weeks later, I did not manage to create a great deal of friends, overlook a female partner. It goes on with all males – a little while or the many other they find themselves bored and lonely. It happened with me when I moved to Nantes for the business of mine. I was right here for three very long and friendless months. It was truly eating me I had not had a female in all of these weeks.

Now I’m not really a sex maniac, though I do require the share of mine of cunt. Returned home I’m very popular with the ladies, though the French women were a different story. I’m not really a raging sexual stud, but you will find a number of items males can’t do without. I’m typically really a hit with females, though it wasn’t working out here. I’m not overtly sexual or maybe something that way, though I do want the weekly share of mine of woman in case I can get. At home I don’t had some issue being that. But these French females appeared to be beyond me.

The evening, I chose to do something about my solo status. I requested several others at work where a great place to get several friends will be. They winked at me as well as informed me to head out to a specific bar. Therefore, in the evening I set out. I usually set out with a bunch of condoms in my jeans pocket. Though that night, I just knew they will are available in handy! Thus, I spoke to several male co-workers about what I might do. Only one of them – who I’d started trusting – explained to visit many bar at the conclusion of town. Really well, I needed pussy so bad I set off in the evening. I was completely prepared – condoms and all! I’d to talk with a few buddies at work the way to approach it. Next one of them recommended I go to a specific club. He stated there was a bar exactly where I might get what I wanted. Which was great – right that evening I place one thing neat, armed myself with condoms as well as fixed out.
She was sitting alone at the bar stool. She was very beautiful she stood aside from the majority of the crowd. Her eyes were catty plus she’d a pout that she’d created a lot more expressive with vibrant red lipstick. I knew I’d prefer her. I’d to make the action. When I walked in, my gaze immediately fell on this particular female that was sitting by yourself, on a bar stool. She’d gorgeous catlike eyes that captivated me and her mouth were pouty & very sexy. This was the only one I needed. I made the move of mine. It was quick chemistry when I walked in to the bar. Generally there was the female that was occupying a lone stool close to the bar. Her glassy eyes actually got me, and she’d many lips with a pout as designs have. I knew I want to this female.

I walked as many as her. Taken? I asked, pointing to another stool next to her. She only just giggled. I received the cue of mine. I sat down. She turned her stool toward me. I did not want more encouragement. Jeff, I said. Andrietta, she stated. I pointed towards the bar stool next to her and stated, Can I settle here? She let out a gentle giggle. This was the signal which I was welcome; I hastily sat down. I’m Jeff, I told her. She responded – Good. I’m Andrietta. I walked up to her and requested her in case the location alongside hers was taken. Well, rather than responding, she simply giggled. Which was the cue of mine – I knew this will work. I sat myself as well as told her I was Jeff. She giggled some more after which informed me the title of her – Andrietta.

I’d never seen a far more beautiful female. Closer, I can see the ultra smooth skin of her and I imagined exactly how it will be touching it. I naturally knew her cunt should be soft shaven which aroused me right there. I asked her in case she’d like leaving the bar. She agreed and also the tightness in my jeans increased. This female was the height of natural beauty. I noticed her unblemished skin and also was entirely bowled over. I needed to believe it. I was longing for what she was packing inside the dress of her. I was so aroused which I asked her immediately in case she’d love to include me. She readily agreed. Andrietta was absolutely gravity defyingly beautiful. Her gorgeous skin was one thing I’d never seen before – I needed to reach out and touch it, though I was truly imagining exactly how she will be naked. Indeed, I was maddeningly horny & I only asked her in case she will include me. To the best pleasure of mine, she replied in the affirmative!

We were in the room of mine within the next several minutes. I was feeling her feeling and breasts incredibly aroused. And then my lover was moved by hands. To the crotch of her. I needed to really feel the warm moistness. But no – there is something different there. Hurriedly, I unzipped her. Out it flashed – a dick larger compared to mine. In the next several minutes, we have inside the home of mine. I was fondling the breasts of her already and they were thrilling me no end. My fingers were all over her. I and then moved on to feel the pussy of her. I needed to really feel the wetness inside. Nevertheless, no – no wetness was felt by me. I experienced something different. Rapidly, I removed the skirt of her. And was flabbergasted – a cock was had by her, a cock larger compared to mine! It took us just a couple of minutes to get into the room of mine. Right now there I was, running the hands of mine all over the breasts of her and becoming really worked up. I guided my hand lower and smaller – I needed to meet her damp cunt.

Nevertheless, there is a problem. This was not a cunt! I easily removed the skirt of her. And there it was -! a cock, as large as mine! She giggled at the bemusement of mine. She were very beautiful when she giggled and I was very horny I mentioned – what the fuck! I’d the 1st adventure of mine with a tranny that night. It was a really fantastic experience, fucking her extremely small asshole and munching on all those big tits. I did not worry about what else she would got! Witnessing me very puzzled, she laughed. The laugh did everything for me. I was very worked up I threw everything to the wind and also began experiencing the second for however much it was. This was my initial tryst with a tranny – a tranny much more appealing compared to any female I actually found. I enjoyed the boobs of her to the fullest extent and then fucked the ass of her. I tried to simply forget the rest she’d! While I was still reeling from the shock, she laughed. And then I once again saw how lovely she was. Really well, I was very horny I really did not care. I got her with both hands and started experiencing the breasts of her and after that fucked her up in the ass. I just ignored whatever else she was packing!

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Pony Play

by on Mar.16, 2021, under Pony Girl Information

Pony play often involves the practice and training that a horse owner or trainer would put their horse through to learn how to walk, canter, etc., as modified for human limbs. Puppy play often can involve Bdsm related discipline. Cow Play often involves fantasies of lactation and impregnation. The usual limits of safe, sane and consensual apply to roleplay as much as any other activity between humans who accept and respect their partner’s interests and limits. For most, this does not include bestiality.

Note: Just because one partner is playing the “pet” does not necessarily make them the passive or slave girl play partner in the scene. For example, if the form of pet play is for the meek and timid wife to “transform” into a werewolf or mischievous toon catgirl, she may take the upper hand and dominate the partner. Again, how the play is interpreted is entirely up to the people involved.

Some people believe that they have certain animal ‘instincts’ and through animal roleplay can let them out. This is especially true in the Sm communities, where some people ‘live’ as their chosen animal 24/7. This type of mentality goes beyond roleplay and becomes a full lifestyle for the parties involved. There are also ‘hybrids’. These are humans who live part time as one type of animal, and part time as another. This is usually determined by the situation.

There seems to be a growing trend among the S&M scene in animal roleplay, especially pup and kitten play. Playing the role of a pup or kitten is one of giving over complete control over to another, while the ‘Punisher or Handler’ expects only unconditional love and obedience from his/her animal.

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Judicial Ponygirl Caning

by on Jan.14, 2016, under Ponygirl Discipline

Judicial caning of enslaved ponygirl in corporal punishment and ballgagged spanking. Slavegirl Miki is awarded a severe disciplinary punishment for her misbehaviours. She is dressed up as ponygirl, ballgagged and humiliated before receiving a tear producing judicial caning on her bare bottom. The english spankers show no mercy as the cane marks the slavegirls bottom with fierce fullforce strokes biting painfully into the flesh of punished slavegirl Miki. In a leather harness the human ponygirl is placed on her knees for a severe caning session and ballgagged bare bottom discipline punishment by her merciless master.

Caning of chained ponygirl in corporal punishment and ballgagged spanking. Pain slave Miki is awarded a intense disciplinary punishment for her misbehaviours. She is dressed up as ponygirl, ballgagged and degrated before receiving a tear producing judicial caning on her bare bottom.

The english spankers show no mercy as the cane marks the slavegirls hind end with strong fullforce strokes biting painfully into the flesh of punished slavegirl Miki. In a leather harness the human ponygirl is placed on her knees for a hardcore caning session and ballgagged bare tail end discipline punishment by her brusque master

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The Ponygirls Discipline

by on Oct.15, 2013, under Ponygirl Discipline

Punished ponygirl Crystel Leis rough domination and extreme nipple punishment in the dirty old stables. The kinky submissive has a head harness attached to clamps stretching her tormented nipples painfully

ponygirl Crystel Leis merciless domination and intense nipple punishment in the dirty old stables. The alternative pain slave has a head harness attached to clamps stretching her tormented nipples painfully. Full Movie Avaialble. For Intense BDSM and Extreme Pain: Visit Shadow Slaves

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Human Ponygirls

by on Mar.25, 2012, under Pony Girl Information

Pony-play is sometimes referred to as “The Aristotelian Perversion,” in reference to legend that Aristotle had a penchant for being ridden like a horse. Ponies (people involved in pony-play) generally divide themselves to three groups although some will participate in two or perhaps all three:

* Cart ponies: ponies who pull a sulky with their owner.
* Riding ponies: ponies who are ridden, either on all fours or on two legs, with the “rider” on the shoulders of the “pony” (also known as Shoulder riding). Note that a human back is generally not harsh enough to take the weight of another adult without risk of injury, so four-legged “riding” is generally symbolic, with the “rider” taking most of their weight on their own legs.
* Show ponies: ponies who show off their dressage skills and often wear elaborate harnessess, plumes and so on.

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Amateur Pony Girls

by on Feb.15, 2011, under Pony Girl Information

Devulge yourself in exciting high quality ponygirl stories, art work of those kinky pony girls you love and watch the wonderfully rude bondage and training pony girl movies. Its all exactly as naughty as it should be and these trainee ponygirls get exactly the discipline, restrained pony bondage and spanking they deserve, crave and long for.

Some featured ponygirls are bondage models with a desire to try out this naughty niche and others are real life amateur ponygirl, who has submitted their material, photos or videos to us for exposure of their advances. If you yourself are a pony girl or indeed an owner of a ponygirl, we are very happy to hear from you too and feature your photographs. The same goes for skilled and creative ponygirl artists, writers and authors of ponygirl stories, features and guides. Get in touch or post your comments here at the pony girl farm. All emails with samples, stories, photos or movies gets a jolly reply from the stablemaster.

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Emma Louise: Ponygirl Punishment

by on Nov.02, 2010, under Ponygirl Bondage

Gagged and masked fetish slavegirls bizarre ponygirl punishment and outdoor bdsm by the old stables. Emma Louise is gagged and blindfolded, tit tormented and humiliated as part of her objectification The drooling slave slut bites on her gag as the pain from her nipple clamps shoot through her jugs

alternative slavegirls bizarre ponygirl punishment and outdoor sm by the old stables. Emma Louise is gagged and blindfolded, tit tormented and humbled as part of her objectification. The drooling painslave bites on her gag as the agony from her nipple pegs shoot through her boobs

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Ponygirl In Pain

by on Oct.02, 2010, under Ponygirl Discipline

Ponygirl in Pain featuring slavegirl Gina – see the full free pony girl gallery.

Kinky fetish ponygirl in extreme bondage restraints and bdsm tit torments
The ponygirl is gagged and has her tits clamped

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Ponyplay Movie: Born in a barn

by on Sep.28, 2010, under Pony Girl Information

Born In A Barn

A specialised and high quality film recommended for all ponyplay fans – the producers website Three Grace Films has alot more info, photos and a free trailer from Born in A barn … and if you like it as much as us, you can buy yourself a full legal copy right there on the site for just 15usd including postage. Its a steal !

Synopsis of Born In A Barn

An intimate and occasionally humorous look into the extraordinary erotic lives of four seemingly ordinary people, BORN IN A BARN takes us deep into the world of ponyplay, a fetish in which enthusiasts role-play as human ponies and handlers. Revealing the complex motives that drive each character to pursue this unusual passion and following them as they each confront the questions that being an erotic equine present, BORN IN A BARN is a film about finding an identity in the pursuit of an unconventional desire.

BORN IN A BARN was partially funded by The Jerome Foundation and The New York State Council on the Arts and fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts and Women make Movies. It showed at the 2002 IFP as a Documentary Work-In-Progress.

Editors Notes

I first found out about ponyplay through – where else? – the Internet. As a visual artist who had been exhibiting a half-woman / half-pig character called Piglady, I was curious to see other examples of animal-human hybrids, and it didn’t take too much poking around online to come across the ponypeople. I was astonished! A whole subculture whose main hobby was dressing up like and role-playing as horses…even to my fairly well exposed and open mind, this was new. But this curious and often humorous manifestation of an animal-human hybrid piqued my ongoing documentary interest in how and why people find an identity in the pursuit of an unconventional desire. I wondered why do people do this? and decided to look into this unusual fetish.

Historically, counterposing humans and animals has allowed philosophers and artists to explore ideas about nature, sexuality, and socialization. But what does it mean when that self/other paradigm is compressed into a single subject that is both animal and human – when the human becomes the animal? And in a culture where the model for human erotic expression is more akin to a cyborg than to a beast, what benefit might someone find in role-playing as a horse? I was curious to find out how this fetish might allow its enthusiasts to connect with both the opposite of what it is to be human and the quintessence of what it is to be human. I wanted to find out what the feelings and motivations behind the behavior were.

It took some time to find characters who would let me film them. Although erotic – and often even kinky – imagery is everywhere in our culture, the truth is that for most people being candid about a serious fetish can negatively impact their standing in their community or threaten the perception that they are good citizens and/or parents. It was important for me not to fetishize the fetish itself by focusing on the “what” to the exclusion of the “why”. And while no amount of explaining could clarify the state of mind called “ponyspace” without showing what that is like for each character, I felt it was important for the film to move beyond voyeurism to allow the characters to ruminate on their experience. I wanted to humanize a complex subject and make a documentary that would surprise non-pony play people and allow them to connect personally to the characters rather than watching them at a distance as fascinating weirdos.

It was never my intent to make an all-inclusive film about this fetish. Rather, BORN IN A BARN is meant to spark a dialogue about identity, social release and mindstate, the need for affection and structure, and the erotic as a creative impulse. In the end, I see BORN IN A BARN as a movie about the remarkable ability of people to find beauty and acceptance in the most unlikely and intimate of personal expressions.

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