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Amateur Ponygirl Whipping

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Amateur Ponygirl Whipping. Experienced Dutch Amateur Slavegirl Punished. Spanked and Whipped in Ponygirl Bondage

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Ponygirl Roleplay

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Animal roleplay may be either a non-sexual or an cute sexual role-play (when it may also be called petplay, ponyplay, ponyism, kittenplay, or pup-play). In its erotic sexual role-play form, one or more of the participants takes on the role of a real or imaginary animal in character, including appropriate mannerisms and behavior, and sometimes a partner will act as another animal, or, in a sexual context, may take the role of rider, trainer, or caretaker (or even breeding partner).

The principal theme of animal roleplay is usually the voluntary transformation of a human being to animal status, and focus on the altered mind-space created. The most common examples are probably canids (pup, dog, wolf), felines (cat, kitten, lion) or equines (pony, horse). Animal roleplay is also used in a Bdsm context, where a person may be humiliated by being treated as an animal.

It is also commonly used with debutant children, who enjoy getting dressed up in animal costumes and enact perceived characteristics of an animal. It is also used in physical education especially with children, as an enjoyable way to encourage certain exercises. In psychodrama, animal roleplay may be used for a person to explore their personality, as a form of role reversal.

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Trained As Ponygirl

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Fetish Armbinder Bondage and Humiliating Ponygirl Training

Slavegirl Gina trained as a ponygirl

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Petgirls and Kittens

by on Apr.26, 2010, under Pony Girl Information

Other types of S&M pup-play and human objectification or human animals.

Pup play or dog play is sometimes (though not always) associated with leather culture. at least one of the participants acts out canine mannerisms and behaviors, or simply imagines such behaviors or identities, and attempts to assume the mental state of a dog. Pup-play does not require any involvement with bestiality. The dominant role is taken by a “Handler,” “Trainer,” or a “Master.”

The painslut may be called a “pup,” a “dog,” a “stray,” or in the case of a more aggressive or dominant participant that still identifies as a dog, an “alpha.” In the pup-play community, biological canines are referred to as “canines,” to differentiate between them and human role players (the pup, dog, or alpha). Pup play is more about being a playful, goofy being on all fours who shows his/her Master their love and devotion. Instinct also plays a large role in pup play. This can also be taken in the context of master/slave relationship. The tormentor can have his slave collared and bound with chain indoors or outdoors naked. The slave would be asked to bark, kiss/lick the dom’s foot/shoe, eat like a dog and also try catch people and things nearby.

In kitten-play the person assumes the less serious role of a pet that keeps some independence and – as part of the fantasy – might retaliate against the partner trying to tame him or her. Kitten-play is less well known than pony or pup-play, although in recent years has been growing in popularity

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Pony Play

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Pony play often involves the practice and training that a horse owner or trainer would put their horse through to learn how to walk, canter, etc., as modified for human limbs. Puppy play often can involve Bdsm related discipline. Cow Play often involves fantasies of lactation and impregnation. The usual limits of safe, sane and consensual apply to roleplay as much as any other activity between humans who accept and respect their partner’s interests and limits. For most, this does not include bestiality.

Note: Just because one partner is playing the “pet” does not necessarily make them the passive or slave girl play partner in the scene. For example, if the form of pet play is for the meek and timid wife to “transform” into a werewolf or mischievous toon catgirl, she may take the upper hand and dominate the partner. Again, how the play is interpreted is entirely up to the people involved.

Some people believe that they have certain animal ‘instincts’ and through animal roleplay can let them out. This is especially true in the Sm communities, where some people ‘live’ as their chosen animal 24/7. This type of mentality goes beyond roleplay and becomes a full lifestyle for the parties involved. There are also ‘hybrids’. These are humans who live part time as one type of animal, and part time as another. This is usually determined by the situation.

There seems to be a growing trend among the S&M scene in animal roleplay, especially pup and kitten play. Playing the role of a pup or kitten is one of giving over complete control over to another, while the ‘Punisher or Handler’ expects only unconditional love and obedience from his/her animal.

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